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Salaries rewarding terrorists won’t be stopped, says Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners

editor 5 October 2018

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.. Salaries rewarding terrorists won’t be stopped, says Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners. Abbas on terrorists: “Stars in the sky of the Palestinian people”.
Abbas: “Even if we have only a penny left it will only be spent on the families of the Martyrs and the prisoners, and only afterwards will it be spent on the rest of the people”. Ignoring the international criticism and condemnation of the Palestinian Authority’s rewarding terrorist murderers with generous salaries, Director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, Qadri Abu Bakr, has emphasized that these salaries will continue: (more…)


Israel accuses Iran of harboring ‘secret atomic warehouse’

editor 3 October 2018

By Jennifer Peltz and Angela Charlton | AP.. UNITED NATIONS — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran on Thursday (September 27, 2018) of keeping a “secret atomic warehouse” just outside its capital, despite the 2015 deal with world powers that was meant to keep it from obtaining nuclear weapons. Hours later, Iran dismissed the allegation.

Holding up a poster-board map of an area near Tehran as he spoke at the U.N. General Assembly, Netanyahu told world leaders that Iranian officials have been keeping up to 300 tons of nuclear equipment and material in a walled, unremarkable-looking property near a rug-cleaning operation. (more…)


Outlaw Regime: A Chronicle of Iran’s Destructive Activities

editor 29 September 2018

By Iran Action Group – U.S. Department of State.. A Letter From U. S . Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo. I am pleased to release the State Department’s new report detailing the scope of the Iranian regime’s destructive behavior at home and abroad on the eve of the Islamic Revolution’s 40th anniversary. On May 8, 2018, President Donald J. Trump announced his decision to cease U.S. participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly referred to as the Iran deal. [Photo top right:US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on April 29, 2018. Photo by Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv ***US EMBASSY TEL AVIV HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES***].  (more…)


Former envoy: Israel-Russia crisis artificial, driven by anti-Semitism

editor 28 September 2018

By Ariel Kahana.. As tensions rise over shooting down of Russian plane in Syria, researcher Zvi Magen says two clear factions have emerged in Russia: One is pleased that Israel is doing the work for Russia and acting against Iran, while the other one sees Iran as an ally. The crisis between Israel and Russia resulting from a Russian military aircraft being shot down over Syria last week is “calculated and artificial, unrelated to reality or the facts, because the Russians want payment,” former Israeli Ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen told Israel Hayom in an interview. [Photo top right: Senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies, Tzi Magen participates in the Meir Dagan Conference for Strategy and Defense, at the Netanya College, on March 21, 2018. Photo by Meir Vaaknin/Flash90].  (more…)


Amb. Haley: Iran’s “Fingerprints” on Every Conflict in the Middle East

editor 26 September 2018

By Staff.. “For almost 40 years, the Iranian regime has existed outside the community of law-abiding nations,” United State Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said at the opening of this week’s UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East (September 20, 2018). “It is difficult to name a conflict in the Middle East that does not have Iran’s fingerprints on it.” [Photo top right: United States Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, visits the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, in Jerusalem’s Old City, during her visit to Israel, on June 7, 2017. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90].  (more…)


Time to let Gaza fail

editor 13 August 2018

By Caroline Glick.. The time has come for Israel and the U.S. to let Gaza fail.

It is not in America’s interest, and it certainly is not in Israel’s interest, to assist Gaza’s terror regime in any way.

This means there should be no push to develop Gaza economically. There should be no plan to build new infrastructure in the Hamas-ruled terror fiefdom bordering Israel and Egypt, which is waging war against both countries. And there should be no place for Gaza reconstruction in any Trump administration peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians. [Photo top right: Palestinians walk through the wreckage of a building that was damaged by Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on July 15, 2018. By Wissam Nassar/Flash90].  (more…)


Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups

editor 25 July 2018

By Khaled Abu Toameh.. The Iranian general did not offer to build the Palestinians a hospital or a school. Nor did he offer to provide financial aid to create projects that would give jobs to unemployed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. His message to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip: Iran will give you as much money and weapons as you need as long as you are committed to the jihad (holy war) against Israel and the “big Satan,” the US. [Photo top right: Friends and family attend the funeral of IDF Sgt Aviv Levi of the IDF’s Givati Brigade, who was killed by Palestinian sniper fireon the Gaza border on July 20,
in Petach Tikva on July 22, 2018. Photo by Avi Dishi/FLASH90].  (more…)


Memorial in Hebron for Jewish baby murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper

editor 21 July 2018

By Leah Rosenberg.. When 10 month old Shalhevet was murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper in 2001 in Hebron, a memorial was built for the Jewish baby. Because Israel chooses life. The Story of Jewish Baby Shalhevet: Shalhevet was only 10 months old when a “Palestinian” sniper murdered her in cold blood in Hebron 17 years ago. Her father was walking with her in the stroller to the park when she was shot and killed. Shalhevet’s father was also injured in the attack. Why were they targeted? (more…)


When people don’t support Israel they are supporting this

editor 19 July 2018

By Leah Rosenberg.. The media will flood your brain with reasons why you shouldn’t support Israel. But the truth is, the alternative is supporting terrorism. Israel wants peace. It’s a message that needs to be shared. Because if you only watch what the mainstream media shows you, you would never know that Israel is “the good guy.” They say Israelis are the “occupiers,” “killers,” “murderers,” and any other name that labels them as something evil. (more…)


Mullahs want to fly 300 million euros in cash from Germany to Iran

editor 16 July 2018

By Nikolaus Blome and Antje Schippmann.. This plan will probably lead to serious diplomatic difficulties between Germany, the US, and Israel.

According to information available to BILD, the Iranian regime intends to fly 300 million euros in cash from Germany to Iran. The background is that, in the coming months, strict US sanctions against the Iranian financial sector will come into effect. The mullahs are worried that they will run out of cash. Iran’s justification for their plan says that they need the money “to pass it on to Iranian individuals who, when travelling abroad, are dependent on euros in cash due to their lack of access to accepted credit cards”. [Picture top right: Christians for Israel International].  (more…)


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