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“I will turn to Israel again”

editor 20 November 2014

By Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer.. “Soon the fullness of the Gentiles will be retained and I will turn to Israel again, to my Jewish people. They will be grafted on their own olive tree and my promise to Abraham will be gloriously fulfilled.”

This is the prophetic message that Lance Lambert recently has expressed in Jerusalem and that was made public by the Netherlands-based ‘Israel Platform’ in her Israel Newsletter. (more…)


400 Silent Years? The Post Maccabean Period (Part 11)

editor 9 July 2014

By Lance Lambert.. This last short period we will consider began with Pompey’s conquest of the Promised Land in 63 BC and ends with the birth of Christ in 6 BC approximately. Although short this period is noteworthy in that it saw the people of God come under Roman law and government, the rise of the Herod’s; the rebuilding of the Temple; the quickening anticipation of the coming Messiah; and the preparation of a tiny but faithful remnant. All this in less than 60 years. (more…)


400 Silent Years? The Maccabean Period (Part 10)

editor 2 July 2014

By Lance Lambert.. This extends from the rise of Antiochus Epiphanes in 175 BC to Pompey’s conquest of the Promised Land in 63 BC, a period of 112 years. We come now to the person of Antiochus Epiphanes, whose policy and character dominate this period. (more…)


400 Silent Years? Temple (Part 6)

editor 4 June 2014

By Lance Lambert.. The Temple of Christ’s time was in fact neither Solomon’s nor Zerubbabel’s! And it would be well to trace the history of the Temple during these four hundred years. Going right back to the Tabernacle and representing the Eternal Purpose of God to dwell in the midst of His own, it was not only the focal point of the life of His people, and of their progress, but of conflict too. (more…)


400 Silent Years? Anything but Silent!!! (Part 5)

editor 28 May 2014

by Lance Lambert ..During the Exile, God’s people were forever cured of idolatry. With the Temple destroyed, sacrifice ended, the Priesthood scattered, Jerusalem razed, the people deported, a new form of worship and fellowship grew up. We do not know how or when exactly the Synagogue started but somehow during the Exile, God’s children began gathering together for the reading and exposition of Scripture, and for worship and prayer. “Synagogue” is a Greek word meaning “a gathering of people,” a congregation” (Hebrew Knesset.) it is used 56 times in the N.T. (more…)


400 Silent Years? Anything but Silent! (Part 2)

editor 7 May 2014

By Lance lambert…In order to understand the Jewish background of the N.T., we need to remember that Jewish life flowed into two distinct streams during the Inter-Testamental period. Both streams shared completely in all the fundamentals of the faith, but beyond that differed greatly. (more…)


400 Silent Years? Anything but Silent! (Part 1)

editor 30 April 2014

By Lance Lambert.. The period between the end of the O.T. canon and the beginning of the N.T. has been called “the four hundred silent years.” They may indeed have been silent insofar as there was no great prophetic voice, or any appearance of directly inspired Scripture. If, however, we were to think of Divine Activity, these four hundred years were anything but silent.  (more…)


The Signs in Sun and Moon in 2014 and 2015

editor 25 February 2014

By C4I-International.. In his Middle East Updates (MEU’s) from October 2012 and January 2013 Lance Lambert speaks elaborately about the forthcoming four blood-red moons in 2014 and 2015 and the total and partial solar eclipses in 2015. In his MEU from October 2012 he states the following. “Now this whole matter can be a “field day” for cranks and for extremists, but the fact still remains, that in the very first book of the Bible —Genesis— and in its first chapter, we are told that God created the sun, the moon, and the stars, and said, “They shall be for signs.” (more…)


Middle East Update Transcription -­ January 2014

editor 18 February 2014

By Lance Lambert.. This is Lance Lambert speaking, and this is my January 2014 Update. 2014 is a year of crisis for the Middle East, and for Israel in particular. I will seek to cover a number of matters in this Update. The events of the last months have been important and vital for those who intercede for Israel and the Middle East. These are the matters and events I will seek to cover: The passing of Ariel Sharon; secondly, the total disarray of Israel’s neighbors; thirdly, the incredible failure of the Middle East foreign policy of the United States; fourthly, the so‐called “Peace process” between Israel and the PA [Palestinian Authority]; fifthly, the interim agreement, between the five‐plus‐one nations, and Iran; sixthly, the growing paganization of the Western nations and the results; seventhly, the return of the tribe of Manasseh. (more…)


Lance Lambert’s Middle East Update for October 2013

editor 24 October 2013

By Lance Lambert.. This is Lance Lambert speaking, and this is my Update for October 2013. The world scene continues to be grim. It is good to know the Lord in all that is happening. Flood and fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and terrorism claiming so many lives in different places. For instance, Nairobi, Kenya, 67 dead; in Pakistan, a whole assembly of Christians, 80 dead, in one week 132 dead in Pakistan; in Nigeria, 50 students shot whilst they were sleeping, just to name a few of the incidents. A few weeks ago here in Israel, we celebrated the new Jewish year of 5774. This is the year of the red moons, beginning the first day of Passover and the first day of Sukkot. (more…)


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