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Who Is a Jew?

editor 6 December 2017

By Tzvi Freeman.. Solving the Mystery of Jewish Identity. Jewish identity is both simple and mysterious.

Simple: A Jew is anyone who was born of a Jewish mother, or has undergone conversion according to halachah (Jewish law). This has been the case since Biblical times and is firmly established in the Code of Jewish Law. The Jews live their lives in accordance with Judaism, the oldest monotheistic religion. And mysterious. You’ll never hear of an atheist Protestant or a Catholic Muslim, but a Jewish atheist, or even a Jew who converts to another religion, is still a Jew. (more…)


The Brave and the Heartless

editor 2 June 2017

By Paula R. Stern.. Two titles came to mind when I thought of this post – the first is the one above – The Brave and the Heartless. The second is Beauty and the Idiot. Maybe I should have gone with that one.

  • Ahava means love.
  • Emunah means faith.



Teaching My Son About Judaism—And Atheism

editor 3 December 2016

By Lauren Apfel.. When my son Oliver was 4, he found Jesus. He discovered him, with kind eyes and flowing hair, in the pages of one of the “early reader” reference books he used to trawl through at the library. As he had with stories of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Oliver became captivated by the Christian Bible. The Crucifixion scene especially caught his interest; this was the illustration to which he returned, over and over again, running his fingers lightly across Jesus’ wrists, where the nails and flesh met. [Photo top right: Oliver’s Messibat Siddur. (Courtesy of the author)] (more…)


#MyJudaism is a Crown and a Shield

editor 12 November 2015

By Paula R. Stern.. Of all places where I can write about my Judaism, I find myself in one of the strangest situations of all – it is my birthday, it is Kristallnacht – the Night of Broken Glass, the night the Nazis went on a rampage burning and destroying, beating and killing…and I am in Germany at a business conference when I saw the challenge to write about “my Judaism.” My Judaism has been on my mind since I boarded the El Al jet more than 24 hours ago on a journey that has already surprised me. It is with me every minute right now. (more…)


European Antisemitism Driving Jews Away From Jewish Life, Says Leading Rabbi (INTERVIEW)

editor 15 May 2015

By Eliezer Sherman.. The recent string of attacks against Jews in Europe has driven many Jews away from an active Jewish life, said the president of one of Europe’s leading Orthodox Jewish networks on Tuesday (May 12, 2105). “We’re dealing with a large number of Jews who because of the risk involved, and terrorist attacks, have stopped coming to Jewish events,” Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt told the Algemeiner. “It’s more important [for these Jews] to stay alive than to stay Jewish.” (more…)


Flying Under the Jewish Radar, in Pastel Colors

editor 29 December 2014

By Ross Kenneth Urken.. When the Hasidim at sidewalk mitzvah tanks ask passersby if they’re Jewish, my madras pants and boat shoes render me invisible. One Friday this summer while darting back to my office from lunch, I encountered a familiar sight on Wall Street: the Shabbos squad of Hasidim asking passersby if they were Jewish. If you answer “yes,” the presumption is you’ll be beckoned to say a prayer or two, maybe wrap tefillin. (more…)


Judaism: Evolution, Adam and Light

editor 23 October 2014

By Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple.. How does evolution square with Torah? Man’s purpose? Evolution: Whole books have been written about the various aspects and permutations of the subject. I am going to limit myself to one aspect as suggested by a Midrash (B’reshit Rabbah1:9). The Midrash notices that the beginning of Genesis uses two different words for creation, bara and yatzar. (more…)


Kabbalah, Safed and the Nations of the World

editor 2 July 2014

By Laurie Rappeport.. In my capacity as former coordinator of the Safed Tourist Information Center I have had numerous opportunities to meet tourists who come from dozens of countries and represent multiple religious faiths. Some of the visitors come to Safed because of the beautiful mountain scenery while others are drawn by the vibrant artist community. Many of the tourists wish to explore “the City of Kabbalah.” (more…)


400 Silent Years? The History of the 400 years (Part 9)

editor 25 June 2014

Lance Lambert… We come now to a brief survey of the history of this period, dwelling particularly upon the time of Antiochus Epiphanes and the Macabees. Zerubbabel was the last of the royal princes of the House of David to take any office. The actual Throne of David became vacant when King Zedekiah was taken into exile in 586BC; there was no rightful, legal king or prince in Israel until Christ was born. (more…)


400 Silent Years? Temple (Part 6)

editor 4 June 2014

By Lance Lambert.. The Temple of Christ’s time was in fact neither Solomon’s nor Zerubbabel’s! And it would be well to trace the history of the Temple during these four hundred years. Going right back to the Tabernacle and representing the Eternal Purpose of God to dwell in the midst of His own, it was not only the focal point of the life of His people, and of their progress, but of conflict too. (more…)


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