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Israel’s restoration

editor 6 June 2011

by Derek Prince..God is speaking here to the nations other than Israel. He is saying, in effect: “I am planning to restore My Jewish people to the land that I gave them. If you seek to hinder or oppose what I am doing, I will have to treat you as My enemies.” (more…)


Israel and the nations (part 2): judgement of humanism

editor 12 January 2010

The nations wanted to prove that man, and not God, was the deciding factor. The autonomous mind. Humanism. The beginning of Humanism and the mindset of Humanism. This terrible attitude of Humanism strongly displayed their motivation for building the tower of Babel.(part 2) (more…)


Israel and the Nations: collectivism versus individualism

editor 16 December 2009

By Harald Eckert.. The Bible refers to families, sometimes to nations and at times to generations. The common ground here is collectivism. Family, tribe, clan, ethnic group, nation, generation… It’s all more than one. Israel, on the other hand, is spoken of as a both a nation and a people. (more…)


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