Colophon is a tool to encourage, stimulate and equip Christians world-wide to gain a better Biblical understanding of God’s purposes with Israel, the Church and the nations. wants to stimulate you to see the current affairs in the Middle East from a Biblical point of view. Central question in our publications is: “ What has God to say about this?”

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We invite you to write your opinion in a blog. You are more than welcome to contribute to our website if you underline the guidelines whyisrael. Our editorial team will check the content before publishing. is interdenominational. The editors encourage contributions by all members of the one body of Christ, regardless of denomination or Church affiliation.

Who are we?

The team that is behind Whyisrael is:

Andrew Tucker
Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer
Rev. J. de Vreugd
Rev. K. de Vreugd


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